Building A Refuge:  One Story at a Time

This is where our journey together starts!  This is where we start Building A Refuge to end the epidemic of suicide that plagues men of every community.   Building A Refuge is a different approach to dealing with the struggles men experience.  No man wants to “talk” about their issue, but here you will experience personal stories of triumph over subjects like, addiction, suicide, depression, anger and anxiety.
Our events feature speakers who have personally been through struggles of their own and have a desire to share that story to help others who are hurting.  Building A Refuge is not an informational meeting (but there will be plenty of resource information provided), it is all about stories and has a purpose of providing HOPE in hopeless situations or circumstances.  Most men don’t talk about their struggles and, in most cases, choose destructive coping mechanisms, such as, isolation, addiction and even suicide.   Building A Refuge is a group of people who want men to understand that their struggles are real and they are not alone!  We want to meet men where they’re at, not preach at them or tell them to “pick yourself up and get back in the game”.  We need to understand how to cope with these situations/circumstances, then get back in the game.  Our valued corporate partners share our desire to help men and stand side-by-side with us to continue the message of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT in our community.


Our goal at each event is very simple:

  • Let men know they are NOT ALONE and there is HOPE in whatever it is they are dealing with right now!
  • Assist in providing avenues of COMMUNICATION and COMMUNITY with other men who care and have been in their shoes!
  • Provide continuing support and develop trusting relationships that fosters communication and transparency!